Indoor Air Quality

According to the EPA, indoor air can be 2-5 times worse than the air outside!

Don’t leave your home off guard with invisible intruders that might have found shelter in your living space. Air pollutants triggered by everyday activity at homes such as cooking and cleaning can do more harm to your health and overall well-being. Guard yourselves against the risk of particle allergens, bacteria, and mold!

Breathe easy with Air Advice Machine!

Air Advice Machine is an air monitoring technology that quickly observes and identifies microscopic particles present at your home. This innovation is designed to create reports about any unseen threats in your indoor air.

Air Advice Machine targets common air quality issues and provides customized solutions for each. It has built-in air purifiers that kill and inactivate air allergens and pathogens before they can reach you. The machine evaluates your indoor air, giving you 99% accurate reports in less than 30 minutes. Achieve 99% germicidal efficiency at home with this innovation.
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