Man toggling switch on electric panel breaker box While technological innovations are creating smart homes and businesses, simplifying daily tasks and increasing convenience, efficiency and functionality, the greater draw on the electrical system can present problems. How old is your electrical panel? When it comes to the electrical system, don’t take chances. Be sure of capability, safety and meet proper codes and requirements by calling Accurate Home Services. We handle panel upgrades for residential and commercial applications in Kaufman, TX and the surrounding area.

    Electrical Panel Upgrades

    More than likely, your commercial facility or residence wasn’t designed with modern demands in mind. The added burden can result in safety hazards, buzzing or crackling sounds, the smell of burning plastic near the electrical panel, frequently tripping breakers or the need to unplug one appliance to use another. Have our qualified electricians check your panel ASAP. Let us provide honest recommendations, skilled services and an outcome you can trust over the long-term.

    Contact Accurate Home Services for Panel Replacement in Kaufman, TX and the surrounding area

    If you’re planning to remodel, have recently moved into the home/building or have been getting by with the same electrical panel for many years, it’s the right time to schedule an evaluation and potential improvement. Capacity updates are essential for incorporating new equipment into the home or business. As you use more and more electricity, the strain on the insufficient panel increases. Give us a call for prompt scheduling and never hesitate to reach out for 24-hour emergency response across Kaufman and the nearby areas.