Power surges are a common occurrence in many parts of Texas, and they can be damaging to household appliances, laptops and other electronic devices. Accurate Home Services offers home surge protection in Kaufman, TX, helping homeowners protect their appliances from the damage unstable supplies can do. If you’re interested in a whole-home surge protector, simply reach out to our electrical team today!

Whole House Surge Protectors For Kaufman Homeowners

Many homeowners rely on surge-protected multiblocks to protect their electronics from power surges. These power blocks offer protection for things plugged into their sockets, but don’t protect other sockets around the property. Surge protected power strips can be a false economy if you live in a large property and have a lot of rooms (and appliances) to protect. For those in larger homes, full home surge protection can make more sense, because every outlet in the property becomes surge protected.

Modern appliances are particularly susceptible to damage from power surges. Smart appliances contain delicate microchips that can be affected by the changes in voltage associated with a power surge. Laptops, phones and home entertainment devices are also sensitive to short power spikes and longer-lasting surges, and can be costly to replace if damaged.

You may benefit from home surge protection if:
  • You’ve had several electrical appliances fail recently and aren’t sure why
  • You’ve had fuses blow on some appliances unexpectedly
  • The lights in your home flicker regularly
  • The power grid supplying your property is known to be volatile