You can often tell that it’s time for a new AC installation in Terrell, TX about halfway through the summer when your system just isn’t keeping up with the steady heat. At Accurate Home Services, we’ve been providing AC replacement systems that help our neighbors keep up with the long, hot weather. Modern AC technologies are helping our customers manage their energy budget as well in Terrell.

Preparing for Your New AC Installation in Terrell TX

We start with your current situation, whether it’s a tired AC system, an unreliable one, or an emergency air conditioner installation. If you’ve been using window or portable units, we’ll find you a better solution, whether it’s a new central air system, or ductless AC. Ductless provides cooling room-by-room through the outside wall, with individual thermostats and an efficient compressor unit outside. With so many cooling alternatives, it’s a great time to be planning a new AC installation.

Reasons for AC replacement can include:
  • AC struggles to keep your home cool enough
  • Your energy bills for AC are rising
  • AC repair bills are accumulating
  • Replacing window or portable units