• Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your New Home Cleaned?

    Dirty air ducts are just one of the many potential sources of air contaminants in your living space. The question is: should you clean your air ducts in your new home? The fact that conditions in each home vary, it is quite difficult to generalize whether or not cleaning air ducts at home would be helpful. When to Clean Your Ducts: Expert’s Recommendation You should consider cleaning the air ducts in your home if: You suspect growth of mold on the hard surfaces of the ducts and other parts of the HVAC system. Some sections of your heating and cooling system may not be visible so ask your service provider for accurate mold detect... Read More

  • Recommended Thermostat Settings for Home Comfort

    Summer is definitely here! Is your thermostat ready for a hotter and more humid temperature? This season, finding the right and exact thermostat settings can help you save energy and cut your cooling costs in half. The best comfort at home is attainable when you know how to control your heating and cooling system through your thermostat. Knowing the Right Thermostat Settings for Summer During summer months, the U.S Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat carefully at the right temperature to prevent excessive use of energy. If you are trying to save a great amount of money, following the recommended setting is a sure... Read More

  • What To Do When a Rodent Dies in Your Ductwork

    When rodents or any small animals enter your home, crawl in your ducts and die there, the most difficult challenge is to find their location. But, what if they decay and create a disgusting smell before you even find them? You surely do not want to ruin your day with the scent. So, quickly find where it is hiding. Check out these easy and simple ways to accomplish the task. Track the Smell Where does the smell come from? To trace the source, follow where your nose leads you. It may lead you towards the vent or the crawlspace in your home. Once you pinpoint the source of the smell, peer inside the ducts or vents using a flashli... Read More

  • Boost the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner with Decorative Window Treatments

    Improving the performance of your air conditioner means taking some actions on your windows. Effective window treatments for temperature control require proper sprucing of your place particularly on your décors. Bring some style to your home while boosting your A/C’s efficiency with these decorative window treatments. Drapes Whether it is summer or winter, in-home comfort needs to be your top priority. If you choose to stay at home during these seasons, it is important to pick the right fabric for drapes for maximum comfort. Choose light-colored materials having shiny white backings or designs to control the heat indoor during th... Read More

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