• Important Announcement: We Have A New Company Name!

    You are about to get the same excellent service you are accustomed to under a brand new name. Yes, you read it right! We are delighted to announce that our company name has recently changed from Accurate Air, LLC to Accurate Air Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC. This is to better symbolize our growth and expanding range of capabilities. As a company that stands for high-quality products and services and a structured organization, we would like to emphasize that the name change will not have any impact on our customers. Our dedication to delivering outstanding heating and cooling products is unchanged. There has been no chan... Read More

  • 3 Ways to Calculate the Size Of An A/C Needed For Your Space

    The heat of the summer is indeed unbearable. When things get extremely sweltering, having a good A/C is the best way for us to stay comfortable. But one thing that seems confusing for the A/C buyers is finding a correctly-sized unit for their respective spaces, considering that the “one-size-fits-all” method is not reliable. But don’t worry; we can get you away from those confusions. To give you a sound choice, here are three of the best ways on how you can calculate the size of the unit needed for your space. Using a Formula To estimate the size and amount of air conditioning needed for your daytime living space, first, you ... Read More

  • 3 Ways to Protect Your A/C During Stormy Days

    We are already in the peak of summer season in Kaufman, TX and everyone’s feeling great about it. However, it is a sad fact that the start of summer also marks the starting month for the storms to become more frequent. So, what does this mean for your home and air conditioning unit? You’re right! This calls for a whole lot of preparation. Here are three ways to protect your A/C during stormy days: Familiarize Yourself With Your Insurance Policy Hurricanes, wind, fire, and water damages are the potential threats that your home and air conditioning unit might encounter. As a homeowner, you need to familiarize yourself with the pa... Read More

  • Zoned Cooling System: How Does it Work?

    Looking for better comfort with lesser cooling costs? A zoned cooling system does exactly what you are after. Discover how a multi-zoned air conditioning unit can help improve your indoor environment throughout the summer months. The Principle of Zoned Cooling If you want to maximize comfort in your home, zoning can help you attain this goal. Installing a zoned cooling system is a great way to control your indoor temperature for specific areas of the house. Zoning allows you to set temperatures for each room based on your individual preferences. You are free to adjust each zone when needed especially if your comfort is compromised due to... Read More

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