• 5 Top Reasons Why Your Thermostat Fails

    A failing thermostat could be the last thing you would want to experience in the long cold months. Unfortunately, this problem becomes prevalent in most homes in Kaufman, TX. Check out these five (5) reasons why your thermostat fails: Incorrect Placement Your thermostat must be placed at the right location because it can affect how the unit regulates the temperature inside your home. Do not place it near any heat-emitting equipment, windows, and doors, or any location under direct sunlight. This could cause your device to show the wrong temperature reading and make your indoor space uncomfortable. Poor Installation Whether y... Read More

  • The Pitfalls of Buying a Second-Hand Heat Pump

    Living in Kaufman, TX requires homeowners to have a properly working heating system. But it should not require them to break the bank just to stay comfortable now that cold season has started. With that in mind, it can be tempting to buy a second-hand heat pump to save a fraction of the cost. While used heating system offers you great deals and chances to get a branded unit for a lower price, it also comes with drawbacks that you might not like. Here are the pitfalls of buying a second-hand heat pump: Quality Is Not Guaranteed Do you trust who you are buying from? Do you trust the quality of the unit? You cannot just pick the unit... Read More

  • 4 Signs of a Refrigerant Leak in Your Heat Pump

    Your refrigeration system is something you do not always think about every day. But as a responsible homeowner, it is your duty to regularly check its performance and operation to catch red flags as soon as possible. A leaking refrigerant is one the common problems you may encounter, and solving it can help you maintain a warmer temperature inside your home and avoid shelling out big cash for repairs. To help you spot refrigerant leak problems in your heat pump unit, here are the signs you need to be aware of: Your Electric Bill Increases You are using more electric energy when a refrigerant leak occurs because your heat pump has t... Read More

  • What Might Be Lurking In Your Home?

    Homeowners are thrilled about the advent of Halloween and it seems that everyone is getting themselves focused on shopping for their spookiest costumes. But as you do this, you never know that something inside your home is doing the scariest thing of all, harming your health and putting your family in great danger. These culprits are called air pollutants! The reason why many homeowners are caught off guard is that they do not know what these pollutants are and where they came from. To help you understand better, here are the air pollutants that might be lurking in your home: Fabric and Upholstery Pollutants Fabrics and upholstery in... Read More