• Common Winter Heating Problems And What To Do About Them

    Winter heating problems don’t just cause you headache; they can make your home completely intolerable. No matter how you try to cuddle up in your cozy home, your HVAC system may experience issues making it difficult to give you the warmth you need. Here are common winter HVAC problems and what to do about them. Sudden Heat Loss One of the most common winter heating problems is lack or sudden loss of heat. If you notice that your indoor space is not getting warmer no matter how you turn up the heat, chances are there’s something wrong with the heat pump. If you notice hot and cold spots, the culprit could be poor insulation. Check fo... Read More

  • Hot Tips To Keep You Out Of The Cold

    Winter is just around the corner and you should make sure that your heating and cooling system won’t leave you freezing in the middle of the long cold nights. Although hiring a professional technician is still the best choice to handle major furnace maintenance, there are few tricks that you can do to ensure a comfortable winter season with lesser heating bill to pay. Replace air filters regularly. Do this at the beginning of the winter season and be sure to make a regular check. Dirty filter can stress the unit which can result to higher energy bill and expensive system repairs. Remove clutter from around the furnace. Items and fur... Read More

  • Importance of Duct Cleaning

    Unless you want to make your home a haven of dust and other airborne particles that are detrimental to your health, be sure to maintain your heating and cooling system regularly. Cleaning air duct is a good way to start this smart HVAC maintenance task. Here’s what to expect from cleaning your duct regularly. Reduces Allergen in the Air Clean air ducts help in reducing allergen, molds and other microbes that can trigger allergies and breathing difficulties. Although it does not directly clean the air, it prevents these airborne particles from getting into the air that flows out of your system. A healthy indoor air saves you from worry... Read More

  • How To Control Humidity In Your Home

    Humidity can bring chaos if not controlled. Be it too high or too low, it can affect your comfort and your valuable investment. Let’s talk about controlling humidity and the different methods in maintaining the right level for your home. What Happens With Too High Humidity If there’s excess humidity, moisture can get trapped in the corners of your home and become breeding grounds for bacteria which are threats to your health. You’ll notice a musty odor due to mildew buildup. Water drippings may also happen on your windows due to condensation. It can cause wooden furniture and frames to deteriorate. What can you do when moisture... Read More

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