• The Importance of Video Inspection for Your Ductwork

    Are you looking for the most reliable and advanced way to check and clean your air duct at home?  Professional duct cleaning that comes with video inspection can help. Good thing our team at Accurate Air Heating & Air Conditioning offers comprehensive air duct cleaning solutions to homeowners in Kaufman, TX and nearby areas. The Challenge of Cleaning a Dirty Ductwork Ductwork gets dirty due to the enormous amount of dirt, dust, and debris that build up in tube’s branching network. If only these debris are visible to homeowners, maybe they have already cleaned it before it piles up. But the difficulty of seeing the dirt is not only ... Read More

  • What to Look For in an HVAC Warranty?

    Are you planning to upgrade to a new HVAC system this winter season? If YES, then consider getting a reliable HVAC warranty as well! A good HVAC warranty can help reduce your out-of-the-pocket repair costs and lessen your frustrations during an accidental system breakdown. What Your HVAC Warranty Should Cover? Here's a checklist of what should look for in an HVAC warranty: Overall Warranty Terms The term of your warranty refers to how long it lasts. A good manufacturer should stand behind its products at least two years from the time the unit is handed to you. So when looking for a manufacturer or HVAC company, it is important ... Read More

  • How to Keep Your Garage Warm This Winter?

    Do you use your garage more than just a parking space? If YES, then maybe you are looking for effective tips to keep that extra space warm this winter. Check out these tips to help you keep your garage warm this cold season. Place a Portable Space Heater One simple way to heat your garage is to place a space heater into it. Portable space heaters are ideal for limited spaces and areas that don’t require heat permanently. There are space heaters that you can mount on your wall or ceiling. With this option, be sure your garage is properly insulated to achieve effective and fast heating. Have a Better Insulation Your heating un... Read More

  • 5 Top Reasons Why Your Thermostat Fails

    A failing thermostat could be the last thing you would want to experience in the long cold months. Unfortunately, this problem becomes prevalent in most homes in Kaufman, TX. Check out these five (5) reasons why your thermostat fails: Incorrect Placement Your thermostat must be placed at the right location because it can affect how the unit regulates the temperature inside your home. Do not place it near any heat-emitting equipment, windows, and doors, or any location under direct sunlight. This could cause your device to show the wrong temperature reading and make your indoor space uncomfortable. Poor Installation Whether y... Read More