What if you could make an upgrade that would increase home comfort, reduce energy usage, trim monthly expenses and add convenience to your everyday life? You don’t necessarily need to replace your heating or cooling system. We’re talking about a simple home improvement that’s wonderfully affordable. Accurate Home Services encourages you to get in touch with us to find out more about the many opportunities of installing a WiFi thermostat.
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Professional WiFi Thermostat Services

Family-owned and operated since 1992, Accurate Home Services has helped a lot of homeowners in Kaufman, TX and the surrounding area make the switch to wireless thermostats. While you might not devote your free time to familiarizing yourself with every make, model, customer rating, and latest feature of progressive thermostats, we do. Our regularly educated techs are happy to guide you through options, help you determine the perfect fit, and complete proper installation.

Trust in our team for your WiFi thermostat installations!

Occupancy of the home, outdoor conditions, and your preferences change throughout the day. When the HVAC system caters to your needs, there’s actually less wear and tear on components. Modern smart thermostats include touchscreen interfaces that are attractive and user-friendly, making it easy to set up programs, make changes and customize temperature, air quality, and operation. Plus, you can access and monitor your home comfort from virtually anywhere. Simply open the app on a mobile device.

At Accurate Home Services, we recommend only high-performance, industry-leading thermostats to maximize the benefits. We keep costs low and satisfaction at 100%. If you’re interested in installing a new thermostat in your home, simply reach out to us. We offer a full range of specialized services across Kaufman, Terrell, Forney, Crandall, Seagoville & Kemp, TX.