Air handlers, sometimes referred to as blowers, are designed to move air throughout the home.
They assist both the heating and cooling components of the HVAC system and are typically installed inside. By focusing on specialized air handler services, Accurate Home Services helps home and business owners in Kaufman, TX and the surrounding area trim utility bills, minimize the impact on the environment and enhance comfort and indoor air quality.

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Air Handler Replacements & Installations

Why consider replacing the air handler?

    Increase efficiency – Older air handlers are typically single-speed. Modern, variable speed hair handlers only work as hard as they need to, automatically adjusting airflow and consuming less energy.

    Air leakage – Wear and tear can gradually result in air leakage, energy waste and higher running costs.

    Sound levels – Improved air handler design and construction provide quieter operation.

    Air filtration – Today’s options include at least two successive banks that house the filters, keep the downstream components clean and deliver more hygienic breathing air.

    Reliability – Air handlers don’t last forever and toward the end of lifespan tend to require more frequent repairs.

Trust Accurate Home Services for quality products to more efficiently and effectively circulate conditioned air, regulate humidity and perfectly suit your specific HVAC system and needs. We offer free estimates on air handler replacements, service all makes and models, and bring 30 years of experience to every job.

For air handler repairs or service, call the Accurate Home Services team!

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Family-owned and operated, we at Accurate Home Services strive to keep prices down while refusing to compromise on the integrity of workmanship or products. Contact us and we’ll send the right person for the job.

Our techs continue education and certifications, keep up with the latest industry developments and prioritize honesty and hard work. Accurate Home Services strongly recommends our maintenance agreements to optimize the long-term performance of the air handler and entire HVAC system

Quick, convenient, and affordable, regular service helps to prevent repairs, enhance air quality, lower energy costs, increase comfort and extend the lifespan of the equipment. Should you encounter any problems, Accurate Home Services is skilled in repairs, responds swiftly, and remains available 24/7 for emergencies anywhere across Kaufman, Terrell, Forney, Crandall, Seagoville & Kemp, TX.