At Accurate Home Services, we offer expert assistance in all aspects of electrical rewiring in Kaufman, TX. Whether you have just moved into a new home and the wiring is dangerous and defective, or you’ve received slight shocks from switches, it’s time to take action immediately.

We offer home rewiring services that will have your home wiring safe and efficient before you know it. We’ll take care of every wire, outlet, and switch in your home to ensure you and your family can use everything safely.

We’re also here for outdated wiring replacement. For example, wiring that is over 50 years old could need replacing, especially if it is causing noticeable problems. Faulty wiring is responsible for thousands of fires and electric shock deaths every year. Don’t let your home be the next statistic. Call our team today and we will complete a full inspection of your wiring and electrical panel. We cover everything when we carry out an inspection, ensuring every outlet and fuse is thoroughly checked. We’ll report back our findings and then provide you with a cost-effective estimate for whole-home rewiring. We can also help with the wiring of new areas of your home.