For homeowners looking for help with electrical rewiring in Tyler, TX, there is only one company to call. At Accurate Home Services, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built up for our home rewiring services and the peace of mind we bring to our customers.

Addressing Outdated Wiring Concerns

If you are worried about the age or state of your wiring, it’s time to call us. Outdated wiring can be dangerous and could even be a fire hazard. Call us to talk about outdated wiring replacement today before the problem gets out of hand. We will carry out an extensive wiring inspection and provide you with our findings. We leave no wire or outlet unchecked when we inspect your home and will also give your electrical panel or panels a thorough inspection. We want to be sure that every aspect of your home electrical system is checked and made safe wherever it is required.

Experienced Electricians Ensuring Excellence

Our electricians have years of experience and will ensure you are delighted with the outcome. You can also rest assured that all work will be completed to code and guaranteed. Don’t let worries about your electrics keep you awake at night. Call the team at Accurate Home Services today to discover what great service we have to offer.