A well-maintained home is a source of pride for Texas homeowners. A beautiful, comfortable home is important for raising your family and entertaining friends. Keeping up your home means focusing on more than just your home’s appearance. Maintaining your home’s electrical system is crucial if you want your home to be safe and comfortable for many more years. When you notice these common household electrical problems, call our expert electricians at Accurate Home Services in Kaufman and Crandall.

Electrical Problems in Your Home

Many homeowners think the most common electrical problems are no big deal. Flickering lights and tripped breakers seem like a minor inconvenience. You may think that solving the problem is as simple as replacing a lightbulb or flipping the breaker. However, these minor electrical problems may indicate a larger problem in your home’s wiring. It’s important to have a trained electrician accurately diagnose and repair your electrical issues. These are the most common electrical issues we see in Crandall homes.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are more than just an annoyance. They also signal a bigger problem. When your home’s total voltage fluctuates suddenly, you may notice your lights flicker. This fluctuation often occurs when a large appliance like an air conditioner turns on. As the air conditioner or other appliances draw in power, it can reduce the available power to other electric items on that circuit. This surge causes your lights to flicker.

A light that flickers continuously often signals a problem with a faulty connection in the light fixture or the switch. Dimmer switches or faulty bulbs also cause flickering. Our electricians at Accurate Home Services can identify the source of this problem.

Outdated Wiring or Outlets

If you notice flickering and dimming lights, you may have outdated wiring in your home. Even if your lights aren’t flickering, you can tell if you have old wiring by examining your outlets. Older homes typically had outlets that fit two-prong plugs. Newer homes should have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets in kitchens and bathrooms. These outlets interrupt the power supply when they sense an electrical shock or fire hazard.

Smart homes and multiple computers and other electronic devices may demand more power than your home’s old wiring can supply. Your old wiring also may not comply with today’s electrical codes. If you have questions about your home’s wiring condition, our team at Accurate Home Services is here to help. We can install new GFCI outlets and update your wiring.

Tripped Breakers

You may have exceeded the capacity of your electric panel if you’re making frequent trips to check your breakers. Many homeowners in Crandall have air conditioners and other appliances that draw a lot of power. When these appliances run on the same circuit, they may require more power than the circuit can provide. When the total load exceeds the circuit’s capacity, the breaker trips and cuts the power.

The breaker protects the appliances and your home’s electrical system. Plugging in too many devices or using extension cords also can overload the circuits. Our electricians at Accurate Home Services can fix your overloaded circuits and upgrade your electric panel.

Hot Electrical Outlets

If you feel heat coming from an outlet in your home, that is a sign of a serious problem. This heat indicates that you may have a circuit that is overheating. Loose wiring inside the outlet or the electrical panel creates resistance. This resistance creates heat, which may cause a fire.

Over time, your home’s outlets experience wear and tear. Deteriorating wires and moisture exposure also can damage the outlet. A damaged or deteriorating outlet may turn brown and feel warm when you touch it. If you feel heat coming from an outlet, stop using the outlet immediately and call our electricians.

Rodent Damage

Mice, rats, squirrels, and other rodents can cause significant damage to your home. Rodents love to chew wires and electrical components. When mice and other rodents chew on wires, they remove the insulation and expose the metal wire. The exposed metal may cause overheating, short circuits, and electrical fires. This damage also can lead to power fluctuations throughout your home.

Squirrels and other rodents often choose your home’s electrical components as a great place for their nests. This activity can lead to overheating and, eventually, fire. Even if pest control removes the critters, hiring an electrician to inspect the wiring and other electrical parts is essential.

Unusual Smells and Sounds

A burning smell coming from an electrical outlet is an emergency. Loose connections and overloaded circuits can cause overheating and strange smells. These hazards may cause an electrical fire.

Electrical arcing also creates an unusual smell. Loose connections, damaged wiring, and overloaded circuits can cause an electrical arc. Homeowners may smell ozone or burning when there is an electrical arc. This is a fire hazard that requires the immediate services of an electrician.

Storm-Related Damage

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the thunderstorms. Bad weather may cause lightning strikes and power outages that affect your home’s electrical system. One lightning bolt can send a surge of electricity through the power lines and wiring. This surge causes a fast spike in voltage that damages wiring, circuits, and appliances.

After an electrical surge, you may notice tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses. These problems can indicate a more serious problem in your home’s electrical system. If you suspect you have storm-related damage, you need the services of a trained electrician. We will evaluate the problem and repair any damaged wires or circuits to make sure your home is safe.

Your Friendly HVAC and Electrical Pros

At Accurate Home Services, we’ve been in the heating, cooling, and electrical business for almost 30 years. During that time, we developed a reputation for offering the best customer service and affordable prices. Homeowners count on us for their HVAC maintenance, repairs, and installation. We also offer indoor air quality solutions. Our expert electricians offer the best installation and repair services in the industry.

In addition to electrical panels, we install whole-home surge protection, ceiling fans, lights, and EV charging stations. For new builds, we offer new wiring and electrical panel installation. Before storm season arrives, our team members can install a new generator to keep your home running when the power goes out.

Our excellent customer service begins when you visit our website. We offer online booking to make scheduling your appointment easy. When you hire Accurate Home Services for your HVAC or electrical service, you can count on our friendly professionals to arrive on time. We listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have about your electrical or HVAC service. You can count on our trustworthy professionals to provide an accurate price quote. Customers come back to us repeatedly because we offer affordable prices and efficient service. You can trust us to never cut corners, and we always prioritize your family’s comfort and safety.

Contact our team at Accurate Home Services for all your electrical upgrades and repairs.

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