As the weather gets chilly, your heating system will have to be in good working condition to keep your home warm and comfy throughout the winter months. However, heating units are delicate appliances, so your unit can malfunction or even break down entirely. When this happens, the frigid temperatures in your home can put you and your loved ones at risk of illnesses.

You can avoid such instances by addressing any potential issues beforehand. But how do you know the signs to look out for and schedule a heating repair with a professional? Here are some common telltale signs that your heating system needs professional repair.

1. Heater Makes Weird Sounds

Typically, all heating units make some sounds while operating. But if your system starts making banging, screeching, or clanking noises, it may be warning you of something wrong with it. In fact, older units start producing unusual noises once they start breaking down. These sounds could mean a part has loosened or crucial components like motor bearings have worn out. When you hear such noises call our experienced technicians to diagnose and fix your unit. The faster you call our team, the better the chances of fixing your appliance quickly to keep you warm during cold days.

2. Energy Bills Increase Outrageously

Another major sign that something is wrong with your furnace is when energy bills increase outrageously compared to previous seasons. Even if utility companies increase rates, they do so gradually. Therefore, a sudden rise in your electricity bill could be because your heating system is no longer efficient, especially if you’ve used it for several years. Reduced efficiency means your system takes longer to heat up your entire house, increasing your electricity costs. So, if your energy bills skyrocket and all other appliances in your home are working correctly, it might be time to call our heating repair experts.

3. Cold Spots and Uneven Heating

You may have turned on your furnace, but some spots remain cold regardless of how high you crank up your heating unit. And even after confirming that all the ducts are open, there are still some cold and drafty areas. Uneven temperatures can mean several issues with your heating unit ranging from ductwork problems to improper insulation. Whatever the issue is, it’s worth having our professionals inspect your heating system to determine the cause of the uneven heating. We have the skills and tools to diagnose your unit, identify the cause of the problem, and determine the appropriate solution so you can enjoy staying in a well-conditioned space.

4. Unusual Smells

When turning on your heating unit, you may likely smell its fuel. However, if you notice a strange odor that doesn’t go away over time, it may indicate a furnace problem. For instance, a burning smell could signify that your equipment is overworking, leading to overheating and even the breakdown of some parts. If the smell is musty, it could indicate that your unit has inadequate ventilation and mold or mildew growth inside. The unusual smells can also result from excessive dust in the system, gas leaks, and other issues. Our well-trained technicians can assess your unit and find a solution to the problem.

5. Unit Short Cycles

Another major sign that your heating system needs repairs is when it starts going on and off for short periods. In most cases, this is a sign of severe furnace malfunction, and your appliance can’t keep your home adequately conditioned. A heating unit short cycles due to overheating of the heat exchanger or clogged blowers and air filters. Once the heat exchanger overheats, the furnace shuts down and then turns on when the exchangers cool down. Short cycling can cause serious damage to your equipment, leading to high repair costs. Therefore, if your heating system constantly runs, it’s high time to call our repair experts to avoid staying in a cold house when temperatures plummet.

6. Poor Air Quality

Your heating system has a significant impact on your home’s air quality. A poorly maintained unit or a malfunctioning one may circulate dust, dirt, bacteria, and other harmful particles in your house. You can’t see when the air quality in your space decreases, but your home may get hazy or stuffy without any major reason. Also, there may be frequent colds, coughs, and other respiratory issues among your loved ones. If a family member has allergies, the foreign particles in your house may cause symptoms like headaches, itchiness, and watery eyes. Sometimes, we can solve the problem by simply replacing the air filters in your system. But in other cases, our team may have to professionally clean your heating unit and thoroughly assess your appliance to ensure it doesn’t contribute to bad IAQ.

7. Frequent Thermostat Adjustments

If you constantly adjust your thermostat, it can also signal something wrong with your heating system. In most cases, you may even find it difficult to attain the right temperature in some areas within your house. This is because your furnace cannot distribute heat evenly in all the rooms in your home, and it doesn’t warm your space efficiently. And since you rely on your heating unit to keep you warm during winter, you might end up paying high energy bills due to an inefficient system.

8. Carbon Monoxide Alarm Alerts

A carbon monoxide detector alerts you whenever there is toxic gas in your house. If the detector goes off, never ignore these alerts. A cracked heat exchanger in your heating system could be the source of gas leakage into your home. Carbon monoxide is not only dangerous to your health but also odorless and colorless. Immediately the detector goes off, turn the heating unit off, open windows, and call our technicians immediately.

9. Pilot Light Is Yellow

If you have a gas-powered furnace, take a closer look at the color of the pilot light. A heating system in good working condition should have a pilot light with a blue flame. A red, yellow, green, or orange flame indicates that your heating unit has too many condensates, such as rust or tar. This can become a serious health issue among your loved ones and even reduce the efficiency of your unit. Reach out to our team to professionally remove these particles, so they don’t get distributed in your space.

Schedule Heating Repair Service with the Best Team

Keeping your heating system in proper working condition during the cold months is vital to keeping you and your loved ones safe and comfortable. So, once you notice any of the above signs, make sure you contact a professional to check your unit immediately. The longer you wait, the higher your chances of incurring high repair costs or having a furnace breakdown in the middle of winter.

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