If you’re looking for a new AC unit in Tyler, TX, you’ll find that things have changed a lot since your last AC replacement. Recent government requirements have pushed the minimum efficiency ratings even higher, and compressor technologies now offer a selection of types to choose from. You’ll need expert advice to select the right system for your home, and you may want to consider useful add-ons for comfort and air quality indoors. With energy costs, an important concern, make sure your system is designed and installed by skilled experts and technicians. You’ll need ones who can check important aspects of your system such as ductwork pressures, air balancing, and refrigerant line insulation are essential.

New AC Unit Opportunities

You may have heard terms like dual stage or variable speed compressor, along with SEER2 ratings that replace previous SEER ones. These are essential terms to know to select the right new AC unit for your home. The new ratings provide a more effective way to compare a variety of heating and cooling systems, not just standard central air. Compressor choices provide different energy usage levels, or even continuously variable, with corresponding cooling levels. When you’re relaxing in the evening, a low-level cool can be just right, and doesn’t create currents of cool air. When your home has warmed up and you want to cool it down quickly, full power uses energy intelligently to do the job, after which your system can throttle back to a lower level.

Proper installation to maximize your new AC unit’s effectiveness requires a check to make sure your ductwork is in good shape and is a good match, pressure-wise, for the AC replacement. Static and dynamic pressures play an important role in long-term success of your AC, and air balancing to make sure the airflow across each room is consistent provides the comfort you need. With the right setup, you won’t need to adjust the thermostat, and you can even use a smart thermostat for further energy efficiency in Tyler.

When is it time for a new AC unit?
  • AC is struggling to keep your home cool
  • AC energy costs are rising
  • Repair visits are becoming more frequent
  • It’s time for a customized HVAC system

Our technicians can answer your questions and make recommendations. We’ll offer clear quotes for the equipment you’re interested in, and do a great job installing, configuring, and cleaning up. Besides thinking about when your current AC is getting tired and more costly to run, these days the cost savings of a new system is well worth thinking about!

Customized Tyler AC Replacement

Accurate Home Services is family-owned and operated, now in business serving Tyler and the rest of our service area for over 28 years. We’re a leading HVAC and electrical team, well-established and ready to respond 24/7 when our loyal customers need our help for an AC replacement or other care, 24/7 in emergencies. Texas summers are hot, so we work to make sure those we serve are ready to beat the heat with reliable, energy-efficient equipment from brands like Lennox and Amana. We also service other brands and models, making it easy to know who to turn to for all your HVAC needs. Our technicians are well-trained, our vehicles well-stocked, and we use the most modern technology to enhance our services. We’re active with local chambers of commerce and the national ACCA trade association. We appreciate the awards and five-star reviews we’ve received as well! We’re right on target with expert care for our community and neighbors.

A new AC unit designed for your home can be an opportunity for comfort and energy efficiency in Tyler. Call Accurate Home Services today to learn about the latest models!