When you need AC repair in Tyler, TX, you want an expert diagnosis and lasting repair. The problem could be as simple as replacing an electrical component which failed, preventing startup, or it could be a more complex issue involving multiple issues. Selecting the right company to provide reliable service each time you call is important. Scheduling a service visit because of an odd sound from the system, or reaching out for emergency care 24/7, knowing who to call is the secret to comfort and peace of mind.

Tyler Texas AC Repair

Targeting HVAC repair for fast, effective restoration of your home’s comfort, there are a number of systems that could be causing trouble. Recent advances in efficiency have added complexities to these systems. One example is the amazing variable speed compressors that save energy and provide a more relaxed airflow. Today’s technicians have had to take a considerable leap forward in their understanding of modern ways to fix air conditioning system components. Fortunately, they also have an array of technologies to isolate the problem efficiently. These include sniffers that can catch small amounts of refrigerant leaking from the system. Airflow sensors help quickly point to the causes of warm and cool spots that provide inconsistent comfort across your room. Motor testing equipment can reveal when a motor is beginning to fail, helping to replace them before essential fans stop circulating cool air. Tools, parts, and knowledge are all on hand when they arrive to provide your service!

Promptly calling a professional AC Company to fix air conditioning system problems has an additional benefit. An efficiently running air conditioner saves energy and lasts longer. AC problems that result in poor performance make the equipment work harder. It could be a compressor that’s underperforming, often because of low refrigerant and resulting wear. A simple clogged air filter that’s preventing cool air from circulating can also work the system harder to reach your thermostat setting. Repairing these performance problems, and many other services like cleaning coils or insulating refrigerant lines, can contribute to a longer service life for the entire AC system.

Reasons to call for AC repair before your home gets too warm:
  • More energy cost, but less cooling
  • Sounds or odors that could indicate trouble
  • Buzzing, clicking, and other sounds but no AC startup
  • Missing either airflow or cooling

How do you know whether to repair or replace your AC unit? Don’t let uncertainty keep you from calling for service because you’ll stay in control of the result and have more information to work with. Technicians are trained to serve you; they’re not in sales!

Expertly Fix Air Conditioning System Problems

Family-owned and operated for over 28 years, our Accurate Home Services HVAC team provides excellence in our AC products and services along with heating and electrical care. We’re well-established and relied upon for comfort in the heat of our Texas summers in Tyler and the surrounding area. Our work is performed with honesty and integrity, whether we’re restoring your cooling with a targeted fix, or renewing your system with the latest model equipment. A premium dealer for both Lennox and Amana, we’re skilled at servicing all brands and models. Well-trained heating and cooling technicians arrive well-stocked with the parts and equipment they need to make most visits a single-stop recovery of your comfortable AC. Our connections include several local chambers of commerce, the ACCA professional organization, and our wonderful customers who have posted hundreds of five-star reviews online for our personal, above and beyond style service. We also are equipped to fix your furnace and make sure it last for a long time.

When it’s time to fix air conditioning system problems at your Tyler home, Accurate Home Services is prepared. Call us for 24/7 emergency service or convenient schedule AC repair.